In Russia, hop-based drinks have been very popular since ancient times, along with mead. Unfortunately, over the years, the production techniques were hopelessly lost and consumers were offered only a limited choice of flavors. In the meantime, Europeans kept up with the traditional way of brewing, which our experts have adopted. By offering beers wholesale, we guarantee their quality. We follow the production process, every step of which has been developed and practically tested in the Czech Republic and other countries best known for their products.

Kanzler Brewery is interested in expanding its wholesale distribution regions and is open to new contacts.

When working with individual distributors and large network organizations, we provide them with full promotional support. Alongside the products for sale, we provide posters and banners, price tags with the company logo and other promotional items. To this end, we also organize regular sales promotions and events to popularize the products we supply.

You can buy reasonably priced live beer and non-alcoholic drinks for wholesale trade in different containers.

Wholesale beer is sold in reusable 20A, 30A and 50A containers. Metal kegs are not branded. Delivery in disposable PET kegs is also possible. For organisations selling beverages in PET containers, we offer clear and brown bottles 0.5 - 3 litres.

Purchasing containers from the manufacturer is just as beneficial:

  1. Lot sizes are limited only by the distributors' needs. In-house production and the use of high-tech equipment enables us to cope with any order volume.

  2. Reasonable price makes all products highly competitive. You won't have to pay extra money to intermediaries, and that is another advantage of cooperating directly with the manufacturer of beer and containers.

  3. Shipping directly from the conveyor makes the process quicker.

Why you should work with us

Why you should work with usWhy you should work with us

We use only high-quality raw materials, of which we have no doubt, and this allows us to achieve excellent results. None of the wholesale supply product contains any artificial ingredients that have a negative impact on health. It's cheaper to buy wholesale, and at the same time we guarantee the quality of our products.

The staff is made up of top-class specialists who know how to produce beers having a distinctive individual flavor and put it into practice. Their level of expertise is constantly being upgraded, allowing them to keep aт ear to the ground and control the process of production at every stage.

For wholesale agreements, please contact your regional sales manager.

For wholesale enquiries, distributors can contact the wholesale department:

Phone: +7 920 408-68-99
Vladimir Pilag

You can also e-mail us:

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