Apart from different types of beer, managers of cafes, bars, restaurants and shops are also interested in buying bee-based beverages in bulk in order to diversify their product range. Such beverages are preferred by those who are not attracted to classic beers with a malt flavour and a hoppy bitterness. They are served chilled (6-12°C) and go well with desserts, fresh or frozen fruit and berries.

Manufacturer of beer-based beverages

The price of beer-based beverages depends on the ingredients used and the recipe. Unpasteurized draft beers are more expensive than bottled ones. This is due to their natural ingredients, richer taste and limited shelf life - once bottled, beer products must be sold within 30 days. The reason behind this is that the yeast activity has not been terminated by heating (pasteurization) and the action of preservatives. Transport time also influences the price, so it is wise to buy in bulk from a manufacturer in your region.

Our brewing company offers beer-based beverages wholesale made from natural ingredients at a reasonable price. We offer such popular varieties as Mojito, Champagne and Pina Colada. Their ABV is 5.0-5.5%, and the OG ranges from 13.5 to 16%. They contain traditional ingredients (barley malt, yeast and specially prepared water) as well as unhopped wort concentrate, apple or carrot juice concentrate and safe food flavourings. We also produce bottled kvass and lemonade.

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