During the warm season, non-alcoholic drinks on tap are in high demand. They are great for quenching thirst, refreshing even in hot weather and enjoyed by children and adults. Draft beverages are sold chilled to an optimum temperature, which makes them a good alternative to their bottled counterparts.

Draft lemonade in kegs

Kanzler Brewery gives you the opportunity to buy bottled lemonade, as well as classic or cranberry kvass. Buying these drinks in bulk you will expand the product range of your shop or cafe and attract new customers. Bottled soft drinks are shipped in sealed kegs to preserve their flavour, value and aroma.

Draft kvass and lemonade are made from specially prepared water, sugar, safe food dyes, flavourings and preservatives. The former contains kvass wort concentrate made from rye malt and flour. The live yeast culture explains the small (up to 1.2%) amount of alcohol in the product. It may also contain natural juice concentrate.

By choosing to buy non-alcoholic products directly from the manufacturer, you avoid overpaying intermediaries. Our beverages have a reasonable, economically justified price and are delivered from the factory in the shortest time possible, in compliance with temperature control and health and safety regulations.

Excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful to your health