Our brewery produces draught beverages based on traditional and original recipes. We offer both filtered and unfiltered draught beer in small, medium and large bulk directly from the manufacturer. Our range includes ales, lagers, stouts, weissbiers, pilsners 4.0 to 7.8 % ABV range as well as classic draught porter. They are made from the traditional ingredients - pale, caramel, black or roasted barley malt, hops and specially prepared water. The recipe for some beers includes adding wheat malt or concentrated berry juice, yeast and sugar.

Draught Beer for Sale

Refreshing hoppy beverages are much in demand in the summer heat, although there is also demand for them during the cold season. Shopkeepers, bar owners and cafe owners are keen to buy draught beer from the manufacturer. On tap, you can usually buy the unpasteurized beers. They are not exposed to heating up to 60-70 °С temperature and preserve the yeast culture, vitamins and minerals. They have a rich, deep flavour and strong aroma.

When deciding where to buy draught beer, you have to consider not only the variety of beers, but also the storage and transport conditions of the product. As soon as our hops are made, they are filled into sealed kegs - metal containers with a capacity of 20, 30 or 50 litres. Kegs protect beer from adverse effects of oxygen or UV light as well as from rapid temperature fluctuations. Soft drinks and non-alcoholic beverages can be stored in kegs for up to 30 days. Once a keg has been opened, its contents must be sold within a few days.

Excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful to your health